Race-Keeper HDX2

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Race-Keeper HDX2

Race-Keeper HDX2

$2989.00 – HDX2 Bundle Kit  – Two HD Cameras with OBDII Interface

$2395.00 – HDX2 Basic Kit – Single HD Camera

Race-Keeper HDX2 combines the power of video from multiple 1080p HD cameras with automatically synchronized data in one easy-to-use system.

Race-Keeper HDX2 intro kit

Race-Keeper HDX2 intro kit

Three years in development, Race-Keeper HDX2 combines the power of true 1080p high-definition multi-camera video with automatically synchronized data in one easy to use system.

Race-Keeper HDX2’s video is comprised of two full resolution, 1080p, video streams for unmatched video capability and performance. Race-Keeper HDX2’s logger combines a high performance GPS, accelerometer and gyro with vehicle inputs to provide a full spectrum of data for comprehensive analysis.

As with all Race-Keeper systems, video and data are always automatically synchronized for fast and easy review using Race-Keeper Comparo analysis software.

Say Goodbye to Jello

Video from most on board HD cameras have distortion cause by vibration, often referred to as a ‘jello effect’. Race-Keeper HDX2’s 1080p cameras have an on board image stabilization algorithm which reduces the distortion to give a rock solid, crystal clear, distortion free image.

Fully Automated

Like all Race-Keeper systems, HDX2 is fully automated. Unlike other HD systems, HDX2 gives you the power to never fiddle again with separate HD cameras, batteries and SD cards or starting and stopping individual cameras. Race-Keeper HDX2 is fully automated and can be programmed to automatically power up when the car is started, start recording when you leave pit lane and stop when you shut the car off.

Fast and Easy

Race-Keeper HDX2’s video and data record to a single removable SD Card, USB or USB3 thumb drive for fast and easy review. And like all Race-Keeper systems, the video and data are always automatically synchronized. Using Race-Keeper Comparo, side-by-side analysis software, simply load the file, open the file and you’re done.

Dual Stream

Race-Keeper HDX2 features Race-Keeper’s unique Dual Stream technology. Each of Race-Keeper HDX2’s two, 1080p, HD cameras record a full size, 1080p, video stream. Each of the two streams play back together in Race-Keeper Comparo for an uncompromised view of the track, the driver or anywhere else you may want to point a camera.

• 1080p/30 fps or 720p at 60fps for brilliant, broadcast quality video
• True Dual Stream HD video for comprehensive video coverage (track, cockpit, rear)
• Image Stabilization or Global Shutter cameras for rock solid image quality
• MPEG-4 video file plays in all popular media players
• 20 Hz GPS for accurate lap times, splits and track mapping
• 3-axis internal accel for lateral, inline and vertical G data
• Internal gyro for roll, pitch and yaw data
• 3 USB ports for easy connection to additional inputs/outputs
• 1 GB Ethernet port for high speed network connection
• 2 CAN ports for logging vehicle CAN data and for other CAN devices
• Records to removable SD, USB or USB3 for fast and easy off-loading
• Small, lightweight, rugged, waterproof construction for harsh environments
• Sealed, locking connectors to ensure reliable operation
• Waterproof Bullet Cameras with ¼-20 mounting lugs for easy internal or external mounting
• HDMI and composite video output for live display, playback and easy camera setup
• Programmable power-on, start/stop recording for truly hands off operation

Race-Keeper HDX2 video data logger combines two full resolution (1080p or 720p) with high performance GPS, accelerometer, gyro and optional vehicle inputs to provide unmatched video capability and a full spectrum of data for comprehensive analysis. As with all Race-Keeper systems, video and data are always automatically synchronized for fast and easy review using Race-Keeper Comparo analysis software.

Technical Specifications
• Video
– Two 1080p/720p Camera Inputs
– Dual Stream 1080p/30fps or 720/60fps
• Audio
– Microphone Inputs with Auto Gain Control
• Video Output
– NTSC Composite
• Comms
– 3 USB Ports
– 2 CAN Ports
– 1 GB Ethernet Port
• Data
– 3 Axis Accelerometer
– 20 Hz GPS Engine
– Internal Gyro
• Recording Media
– SD, USB 2.0, USB 3.0
• Power
– 12v Source
– Internal Battery Backup
• Enclosure
– Hi-Impact ABS Plastic
– 7.5” W x 5” D x 1.5” H
– Weight: 1 lb.
– Waterproof: IP67
– Locking Hirose Connectors
– Locking HD Video Connectors
• Bullet Cameras
– HD 1080p (1920×1080)
– Rolling Shutter
– On-Board Image Stabilization
– Vibration Canceling

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