Race-Keeper Systems
There are three Race-Keeper video data systems: Race-Keeper SE, Race-Keeper HE and Race-Keeper Black.


Each Race-Keeper system is one box for video and data, delivering synchronized video and data, instantly and automatically.
Each system accommodates up to four cameras.
Each system includes two video encoders which can capture two full-res video streams.
Each system delivers stereo audio with built-in auto gain control.
Each system captures data from multiple sources, including 10Hz GPS, internal 3 axis accelerometer, OBD, CAN, ECU and analog and digital sensors.
Each system is WiFi and 3G/4G ready.

The primary difference between the systems is that Race-Keeper HE and Race-Keeper Black are waterproof.

All Race-Keeper systems are developed, designed and manufactured in the U.S. Click Race-Keeper Systems for a checklist comparison.

Race-Keeper Software
Race-Keeper Comparo is our driver development software that plays synchronized video and data. Race-Keeper Comparo automatically plays video along with synchronized course map and data traces, including speed, lap number, lap time, Gs and course map. Each of the four video and data windows can be expanded for more detailed data and analysis. Race-Keeper Comparo plays two full-stream videos from two or more high-res cameras. One of Race-Keeper Comparo’s most powerful features is its drag-and-drop comparison of two outings on the same track, side-by-side.


Race-Keeper Comparo is continuously updated and is available at no charge to registered users. Click Race-Keeper Comparo for more info.

Race-Keeper Predictive iDash is our lap timing software which delivers live in-car performance data and predictive lap times using innovative timing and velocity methods derived from 10Hz GPS and vehicle data.

Predictive iDash gives racers valuable real-time comparisons of current lap vs. best lap, and critical decision-making data to continue driving a qualifying lap hard and fast or to cut bait until the next lap, saving precious resources, including tires and fuel. With predictive lap times and min corner/max straight data, racers also can test different lines, different corner entry speeds, and different gears to identify the optimal approach to the fastest lap.


Predictive iDash delivers lap timing, predictive lap timing and other critical data via our Unbreakable WiFi router attached to Race-Keeper’s video data systems to Droid or Apple devices, with stunning HD graphics that automatically resize to accommodate all display resolutions. Predictive iDash also stores and displays lap times and related performance data for each track session, so racers can quickly review each session’s lap times and data. Click Race-Keeper iDash for more info.

Race-Keeper Dual Stream + HD Export is a software add-on that enables Race-Keeper systems to capture two full-stream videos simultaneously, and expands Race-Keeper Comparo’s export feature to export dual stream video, gauge overlays and optional user-defined custom graphics to a 1920×1080 HD palette for playback on an HD display. Click Race-Keeper Dual Stream + HD Export for more info.


Race-Keeper software is developed in-house by full-time senior developers in the U.S.