Helmet Communications and Intercoms

In-Car Portable Intercoms

$325.00        Peltor FMT-120-IMSApeltor-fmt120-intercom-IMSA Wired

Small size and full featured!  The 3M™ Peltor™ FMT120 intercom provides a full duplex connection with extremely high sound quality.  For portable or permanent installation.

Features include:

  • Small compact design
  • Runs on a single 9V battery
  • Custom Wired for IMSA 4C Helmet Connections
  • Separate volume controls for driver and co-driver
  • Side talk, hearing yourself reduces yelling
  • AUX audio output enables sound recording of the communication between driver and co-driver
  • LED indicator for On/Off and low battery
  • EXT connection for mobile phone or communication radio
  • Connection for push to talk (PTT) button
  • Possible to switch between dynamic and electret microphone
  • (Note: This unit is NOT compatible with Peltor helmets or connectors)

$389.00        Rugged Radios         RRP-242-IMSARRP-242 Intercom

Portable power in your hands! Built from the ground up, the new RRP-242 intercom is the perfect solution for in-car communication. With clear and loud audio combined with professional features like VOX and full volume control, the new 2-Place RRP-242 packs the same performance as Rugged Radios in-dash intercoms. The RRP-242 operates on (2) 9V batteries or through the supplied 12V cigarette lighter adaptor providing reliable power options.


  • Driver and co-driver PTT
  • VOX with Auto Music Muting
  • Volume Adjustment
  • 3.5mm Music Input Port
  • Mic Gain Adjustment
  • Record out to send intercom audio to your GoPro or other reording device. (Optional CS-MUSIC required.)
  • 12V cigarette lighter adaptor
  • CS-Music cable
  • 8 ft Intercom to IMSA Helmet cables included 

Helmet Kits

$59.99                   Quick Install Helmet Kit                I-SPK-IMSAI-SPK-IMSA

The new easy install I-SPK IMSA Helmet Kit from Rugged. Developed for racing schools, endurance racing,  chump cars, and 24hr lemons where multi driver teams need an easy way to outfit many helmets.

The ease of installation couldn’t be simpler! Quickly attach the velcro speakers and microphone mount inside your helmet and plug it into your car or intercom harness.

  • S5 Dynamic Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Powerful High Output Speakers
  • Strong molder IMSA wired plug
  • Easy install Velcro mounting

The I-SPK IMSA helmet kit was deigned to be affordable, easy install, and interchangeable. Great as a fast install back up when timing is critical and the race is on.

$95.00     IMSA Wired Flex Boom Helmet Kit with M102 Military Mic and Speakers             HK-IFSP-MHK-IFSP-M

IMSA Wired Open Face Helmet Kit with M102 Military Mic, and speakers. Complete IMSA helmet kit with flex boom, dynamic mic, speakers, and straight cord.

  • Tough black molded 4-Conductor Plug.  Total Shield RF reflective cable 
  • Molder Y block
  • M102 Military Mic
  • Cloth mic muff
  • Powerful high output speakers

Rugged helmet kits offer clear communications and are easy to install. With the new DNC background noise cancelling mics your driver communications will be crystal clear every time.

$99.99       IMSA wired Helmet Kit with Flex Boom, 3.5 Ear Bud Jack, Mic and Coil Cord        HK-IFC-MHK-IFC-M

IMSA wired helmet kit with Mic and Flex Boom, 3.5 Ear Bud Jack, and Coil Cord


  • Coil Cord with IMSA plug
  • Full Flex Boom
  • Dynamic Noise-Cancelling Mic
  • 3.5mm jack for ear buds


$85.00     Pro-2 Race Earbud Speakers      EB-PRO-2PRO-2

Professional Series Challenger Pro-2 foam ear bud speakers with 1/8″ mono plug. For the clearest race radio communications possible. Pro 2 are the professionals #1 choice!

Utilizing a hearing aid transducer instead of a standard speaker, expect unmatchable clarity from these earbuds.

  • Knowles Hearing Aid Speakers
  • Tough durable wiring
  • 3.5mm mono jack

$99.99     Challenger-II Race Earbud Speakers       EB-CH-2Challenger-II

Professional Series Challenger II foam ear bud speakers with 1/8″ mono plug. For the clearest race radio communications possible. Challanger II are #1!

Utilizing a hearing aid transducer instead of a standard speaker, expect unmatchable clarity from these earbuds.

  • Rugged blue cabling
  • Knowles Hearing Aid speakers
  • 1/8″ mono plug
  • Made In USA!

$165.00     Semi-Custom Ear Bud Speakers      EB-SEMICHALLENGER-SEMI

Semi custom ear molds with 1/8″ mono plug for racing helmets.  Based off of a custom style mold made to fit a variety of ears, these earbuds will have you hearing great quality audio while blocking out environmental noise.

  • Knowles Hearing Air Speakers
  • Rugged duty cabling
  • 1/8″ Mono audio plug
  • Made In USA

Due to Health Laws Ear Buds cannot be returned!