Tachterion client BW places 2nd at VIR

Congratulations to BW for his 2nd place finish ate VIR in GTS-4 during the “Heat Wave” weekend!


BW had another personal best lap in qualifying for the Sunday Race, but everyone else upped their game so he was still 4th on the grid, same as Saturday. However this was a good position and so with some well executed strategy he was able to move from 4th to 2nd after the first corner. He spent most of the rest of the race chasing the BMW that he followed through T1, and was gaining on him until another car spun in front of him. BW avoided T-Boning the spinning car but had to come to nearly a complete stop. This gave the lead car in his class a comfortable gap. At this point BW gets stuck in traffic and can’t get back to fight for P1. Congrats to BW on his 2nd place. He ran a really good race until he had to avoid that car. Racing isn’t fair, we’ll get ’em next time!


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