Tachterion Driver Development specializes in coaching track day and club racing drivers of all levels who have reached a performance plateau and are looking to reach the next level of driving competency.

Driver Development Coaching

  • Professional in car instruction at HPDE or Open Track events (external on race days)
  • Analysis of customer data and video. (Race-Keeper systems provided)
  • Pit to car radio system (if available) for real time external coaching.
  • Drive the client vehicle to asses vehicle set-up and set benchmark data reference laps.

At Tachterion Driver Development we provide in-car and external coaching. In both cases clear communication between driver and coach is achieved by utilizing modern, in-car, helmet to helmet, and pit-to-car, communication systems.

Utilizing the immediate feedback from in-car instruction and systematic review of video and data, allows us to guide practice time in a meaningful and directed way. The result is immediate improvement, and advancement in skills.

Our program creates drivers who are competent, confident, safe and fast.  Not just fast in one car at one track, but fast at any venue, in any car, and any condition.

Video and Data Analysis Report

Send your data and video to Tachterion for an analysis report. (video can be uploaded to youtube).  Tachterion will provide a comprehensive analysis report in a PDF format utilizing both the video and data.

Basic report – $100.00

Comprehensive report – $300.00