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Are you wondering where to find good quality track time to maximize your coaching day?  See below for a few of the groups that we work with.

Povoledo Track Days – Hosted by Joey-G – Aaron Povoledo is an excellent driver and coach.  During the event Aaron performs track walks, classroom, data analysis, and more.  This is a true open track event with limited car counts and open passing rules.  Point-bys are not required.  Previously these were 1 day events at NJMP during the week.  This year there was also a 2-day event at WGI.  This is the perfect place to work on your driving with a coach, or work on car set-up, or both.  For those that are queasy about the open passing rules, the traffic is so thin that this is not an issue, and most drivers utilize point bys out of courtesy.

David Murry Track Days – Offers two days of open track per event, and has an expanded calendar this year.  David Murry is on hand to look at video and interpret data.  David also normally does a video track walk.  Point-bys are mandatory in corners, and “recommended” on straights.  Drivers have proven to be courteous and traffic is light due to the limited car count.

TrackMasters – Offers a unique 2 run group format only at Watkins Glen.  If you qualify for the “open track” group this is a great value and offers ample time for coaching.  Bill Schultz, Sam Schultz, and Adam Burrows run a great low stress event with lots of track time.

SCDA – Ian Prout and Elivan Goulart run an excellent, safe, and laid back event.  SCDA events are good fun and they have an extensive calendar of events.  There are several half day, advanced only days at LimeRock, as well as events at New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Watkins Glen.

Chin Motorsports – Offers no-passing warm up in the morning, 4x 30 minute sessions per day, plus open track at the end of the day.  For coaching there is an extra fee, but if you do use my services, the quality of track time is worth it.  If you don’t use my services, enjoy yourself, Chin runs a great event.

NASA Northeast – Offers Advanced Driver sessions on the Friday before the race weekend.  This is a great place for coaching and testing your car.  HPDE, Time Trials, and Club Racing are also available.

Niagra Region PCAruns excellent track events and they are very progressive on teaching advanced techniques.  They have at least one “advanced only” DE event in the calendar.

HCP-PCA – This is the group that runs “cups and saucers” Advanced driver event. Last year they also ran a nice event at WGI in the fall that had lots of track time.

Metro-PCA has proven to run organized, low stress events.  So far there have not been any advanced days but they are worth attending for conventional DE days.

NNJR-PCA  – runs several advanced driver days during the year.  NNJR-PCA leadership has been a good partner for my coaching program.  NNJR-PCA runs good events and they have a great calendar, especially if you like to travel.

Carolinas Region PCA – This PCA region is probably one of the friendliest that I have ever encountered.  Events are safe and offer good track time per session, however on some days there are only 3 sessions.

GVC BMWCCAis closely linked to Niagara Region PCA.  They have several advanced driver Fridays.

Hooked on Driving Northeast Region – is under new ownership and new management.  The program offers 5x 30 minute sessions per run group per day, catered lunch and instructors drive for free.  The schedule is heavy on NJMP and the newly repaved Pocono configurations. There is also a WGI event in the fall.  For those that have bad memories of Pocono, the entire facility has been repaved, and there is a new configuration for the east and south infields which makes a nice looking combined course.  For those short on time there are also a number of single days.  They have recently added events at PittRace (formerly BeaverRun) which is in an expansion phase, and Summit Point.

Loose Nut MotorsportsIs a new track day group in the northeast offering lower coast track time in a 3 run group format.  Events this year are scheduled for Lime Rock Park and Thompson Speedway.

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